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How to deal with damaged dental bridges: immediate steps

Below, you will find how to deal with damaged dental bridges. Dental bridges are a great solution for addressing gaps left by missing teeth. It is a restorative treatment option that addresses one or more missing teeth. They effectively improve the function and appearance of your smile. In addition to those benefits, dental bridges can also improve your oral health. Missing teeth can cause a number of negative impacts. This includes issues with chewing and digestion, bone loss, facial changes, increased risk of decay, and gum sensitivity. Dental bridges can help address these issues. While they are an effective treatment option, they can get damaged.

How to deal with damaged dental bridges: immediate steps

Accidents or issues with your dental bridges can occur. If this happens, it’s important to take steps to address the issue. Consider the immediate steps you should take if your dental bridges are damaged.

Assess The Damage:

If there are any pieces that have fallen out, collect them immediately. Place them in a clean container and bring it with you to the dentist. Sometimes there can also be pieces that are loose, be careful not to swallow or choke on anything. If you are bleeding or it is an emergency, contact 911 for immediate medical attention. If it is not an emergency, gather yourself and move forward with the following steps.

Clean Your Mouth:

Once you have gathered any missing pieces, focus on cleaning your mouth. This can help reduce your risk of infection. Use warm water or a saltwater rinse to flush out your mouth. A software rinse includes a cup of warm water mixed with one-half of a teaspoon of salt. Gently rinse to remove harmful bacteria and prevent irritation.

Contact Your Dentist:

Do not attempt to address the issue on your own. Contact your dentist right away and let them know the details of what happened. They may want you to come into the dental office right away. Follow their advice as further damage can occur without prompt treatment.

Avoid Certain Foods:

Until you get to the dentist, avoid consuming certain foods and drinks. This includes foods or drinks that are extremely hot or cold. You should also avoid eating anything that is hard. Consuming these can cause more damage and exacerbate any unwanted symptoms.

Manage The Pain:

You may experience some pain and swelling. It’s important to manage these symptoms until you get to the dentist. Use over-the-counter medication to manage any pain. Use a cold compress on the side of your face where the issue is. This reduces swelling and can make things more manageable. You can use a cold compress for 15 minutes every hour until the swelling subsides.

Follow Instructions:

Your dentist will provide you with instructions for before and after your dental visit. Follow these as they can ensure your oral health stays in good shape. Further damage can be painful, time-consuming, and costly.

Dental Treatments

If you have missing teeth, there are a number of restorative treatment options. Dental bridges are a common and highly effective treatment. In addition to restoring missing teeth, you can improve your smile with other dental treatments. Routine dental fillings are a great way to restore your tooth. This can help prevent tooth loss and the need for tooth replacement. They can restore both the look and function of a tooth damaged by decay or a fracture.

The team at Dream Smile is skilled in a number of dental treatments. Whether you have missing teeth or issues with your tooth replacement option, they can help. Contact their office today to schedule an appointment!

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