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10 Tips for How to Prepare for a Root Canal

Below, we cover 10 tips for how to prepare for a root canal. Root canals often present horrifying mental images of painful dental procedures that should be avoided at all costs. If you have recently been to your local dentist office in San Bernardino, and you were told that you need a root canal soon, you might be fearing the worst. Thankfully, modern-day root canal procedures are far less invasive and painful than they once were. In fact, root canals are highly recommended for patients looking to stop the spread of infection and decay.

10 Tips for How to Prepare for a Root Canal

Today, we are going to present you with our top 10 tips for how to prepare for a root canal the right way. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly dental experts if you have a question about your upcoming root canal procedure!

Complete Your Dental Visit

Before you can be certain that a root canal is in your future, confirm your symptoms with your dentist. During your one-on-one consultation with a dental professional, you can learn more about the status of your oral health and whether or not you are in dire need of a root canal. You can also talk to your dentist about any other concerns you may have.

Ask Lots of Questions

It is common for patients to have a lot of questions about what a root canal entails, and you deserve to have more clarity on the situation before you commit to the procedure. You may want to find out if root canals cause a lot of pain, if surgery is required, or if your gums will be affected. Now is the perfect time to ask!

Prepare Antibiotics

Depending on the nature and severity of your dental health issues, you may be asked to start a round of antibiotics before and after your root canal procedure. This is a great way to quickly get rid of your infection and flush away bad germs, giving you a better chance at a quick recovery.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking

If you are a recreational user of substances, your dentist will ask that you not take any substances for at least 24 hours before your root canal. Alcohol and tobacco both slow down the body’s immune responses, weakening the system and making it harder for you to heal. However, you are free to drink alcohol after the numbness wears off.

Collect Comfortable Foods

You may be feeling a little sore after your root canal procedure, so you will want to avoid chewing for a few days. Seek out cool and soft foods like pudding, yogurt, and smoothies. Once the swelling and pain from your procedure start to subside, you can move on to more solid foods such as fruits, soup, eggs, or bread. Make sure to stock up on the things you’ll need before the day of your appointment.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Nothing is worse for your body than trying to heal while being sleep-deprived. Being well-rested gives your body a chance to be fully prepared for your procedure. Sleep boosts your immune system and allows your body a greater capacity for change. Make sure you rest well on the night following your root canal.

Have a Pain Reliever Handy

If your root canal is particularly intensive, your dentist may prescribe a painkiller so you can stay comfortable in the days following your appointment. You can also access over-the-counter painkillers that you should have at the ready in case your pain levels are starting to become too much. Put them in an accessible spot before heading to your procedure.

Eat Breakfast

No matter what time of day your root canal procedure is, you need to make sure to eat a meal beforehand. Prepare some breakfast or a light lunch so that you aren’t going into a major procedure on an empty stomach. Your body will feel much more energetic and capable of quick healing.

Get a Ride

You won’t be able to drive yourself home after your procedure, and you shouldn’t be left to travel alone while you are recovering from the effects of anesthesia. Arrange a ride with a friend or family member who can pick you up and take you home immediately following your root canal. Most dentists will make sure that you have a ride prepared before the day of your appointment.

Set Up a Restful Spot

When you get home from your procedure, all you’ll want to do is rest. Set up a comfy spot where you can hunker down for a few days while you wait for the pain of the root canal to subside. Make sure it is stocked with blankets, pillows, water, and your favorite soft snacks.

Our dentists are here to assure you that root canal treatment is safe, effective, and highly successful. Reach out to us today to learn more preparation tips for your next dental visit. Now, consider trying out these 10 tips for how to prepare for a root canal.

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